Videogame Studies – Fall 2009

I will offer a master’s-level course on videogame studies during the fall 2009 semester at Arizona State University. Here is a short description for those interested. When the semester begins, I will post a full syllabus.

ENG 553: Technologies of Writing: Videogame Studies
Instructor: Alice J. Robison
Section Line Number: 73259
Time: 4:40-7:30pm Mondays

Description: This course serves as an introduction to the interdisciplinary academic study of videogames’ cultural, educational, and social functions in contemporary settings. By playing, analyzing, reading and writing about videogames, we will examine debates surrounding how they function within socially situated contexts of learning and literacy. In addition to a variety of readings from the humanities and social sciences, students will be expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours of a contemporary commercial videogame. The course is taught as an introductory survey though its format is similar to that found in a graduate seminar.

3 responses to “Videogame Studies – Fall 2009

  1. The syllabi is actually cool…but it changes for every college..this makes very difficult for students to choose a good college…

    Speaking of good college…which are the top 10 college is U.S which offer MASTERS DEGREE in GAME DESIGN and GAME PROGRAMMING courses?

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