I am slowly adding syllabus details for the courses I’ve taught over the past several years at both ASU and MIT. I choose retain a Creative Commons share-alike license for these syllabi, which means that you may remix and re-appropriate its content so long as you give attribution to me and share your work under the same or a similar Creative Commons license. Please read this explanation before you use these materials for your own purposes.

Please see link at right for my spring 2009 graduate seminar on digital cultures and social media. It is offered through the English department at Arizona State University.

In the Fall 2009 semester I will teach a graduate course on videogame studies. Please see the link at right.

I will soon add my first-year undergraduate composition course titled “The Jury Project,” which is offered through the Writing Programs at Arizona State University.

Additionally, I have taught undergraduate courses on videogame studies. You may access that course content through MIT’s Open CourseWare site. The fall 2007 course is here and the fall 2006 version is here. The courses are designed slightly differently.

I taught a graduate course titled “New Media Literacies” at MIT in the spring of 2007. That course is also available through MIT’s Open CourseWare site here.