The Pregnant Pause

Run With Rainbows

So, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged (says no blogger ever). Because this blog really focuses on my running life, I’m here to report, there wasn’t much going on. After I injured my ankle at mile 1 of Rocky Raccoon in 2014, I was out for 8 weeks. I gradually came back, and I was finally prepared to do what I could at Western States. The family and I set out for a good training weekend in Flagstaff, and disaster hit at mile one of a casual group run. Yes, I did it again, injured my ankle. This time worse—more torn ligaments and a small fracture. Oh and then, hello, I also figured out I was 7 weeks pregnant.


John and I were happy to have a baby on the way, but I always thought that I’d have some ultra-active pregnancy (read: lifting weight, climbing mountains, redefining pregnancy). Well…

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