I’m Back and Getting Ready for Fall

So…I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve been kinda busy. Since my last post (in November, 2009!), I’ve bought a house, got a new dog, got married, traveled a LOT, went on junior leave, went on maternity leave, endured 10 months of pregnancy, had a baby, and survived the first 14 months of motherhood while maintaining a junior faculty position at the biggest university in the U.S. All of this is to say that I do *not* feel guilty for letting this site slide, but it’s time now to resurrect it a bit in time for the new semester to start. 

This fall, I’ll be teaching two classes here at Arizona State. The first is a class I’ve taught before, but this time, I’ll be teaching it as a fully-online course. It’s English 654: Advanced Studies in Rhetoric, Writing, Technology and Culture. My subtitle: “Digital Literacies and Social Media.” In essence, it’s an advanced grad seminar in Rhetoric and Composition studies that’s focused on internet culture and online literacies. The second course is taught through ASU’s Writing Programs and I’m calling it “Writing in Digital Communities.” It’s geared toward advanced undergrads and will focus on the ethnographic study of online affinity spaces. We’ll look at how people talk, think, produce, act, and write in the context of online fan communities. 

So right now I’m working on cleaning up this site and building the schedules for fall. Stay tuned for syllabi!

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