Microsoft Social Computing Symposium

Just returned from a trip to Seattle and Redmond, Washington. I was there for the Microsoft Research Social Computing Symposium, a small meeting of professionals, academics, and researchers interested in current and future directions in social computing. It was a terrific collection of people and I feel so lucky to have gone. Topics covered:

  • social objects
  • alternate reality games
  • geo-location devices and applications
  • privacy
  • virtual worlds
  • distributed cognition
  • passively multiplayer online game (PMOG)
  • ethics of sharing online
  • ¬†usability
  • architecture

And many others, but I’m posting this quickly since I’m batting a lot of balls at the moment. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it a super place to be for a couple of days. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to learn new things and ponder connections between ideas. And now, back to the game. The balls, they’re coming faster than I can hit them. Gah.

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