MSNBC’S Logo for the DNC

Apparently the Democratic National Committee decided to use Obama’s graphic designers to do the signage for the convention in Denver. According to many, it’s good, good stuff. But what struck me as particularly interesting is that MSNBC has mimicked Obama’s design choices as well. (This is a crappy photo I took of my TV because I couldn’t find it anywhere on the MSNBC site.) My jaw dropped when I saw it. I suspect MSNBC has made the decision that they’re seeking the “Anti Fox News” niche. If they run the same logo next week with an elephant head in the middle of what is clearly Obama’s logo, I’ll be 100% convinced of MSNBC’s “liberal media bias.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, imho.

I’m having a blast following the convention this week. The spectacle of it all is really fantastic, but most of all I love the way that politics contradicts itself all over the place. For all we hear about elitism and the “ethnic working class,” at the end of the day, each of our votes carries the same weight, no matter who we are.

Also, I am totally in love with the way Michelle Obama says her husband’s name. There is no doubt she’s from the South Side when you hear her say “Buh- RAWK.” Of all the things I love about her, I think I love that the most. Oh, and apparently Charles Barkley is no longer a raging Republican. He gave an interview to CNN earlier today (I’d put a link up if I had one), during which he expressed his deep love for Obama and the Democratic Party in its current state. See? That’s what I love about politics. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s that good.

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