Kitchen Bowels

I’ve been off-the-grid lately so that I could pack up my house in preparation for my move to Phoenix. As usual, if it weren’t for the help of my unbelievably awesome parents, I would not have been able to accomplish all that packing so quickly. It was miraculous. Truly.

At one point my roommate came home. She had been in New Jersey helping her sister move and graciously brought back boxes. I went to tape one up and discovered it had already been labeled “kitchen bowels & plastic.” Since I have no kitchen bowels, I loaded it up with plastic.

I’m back online now and today I registered for my new Arizona State University email. So now I feel all official and stuff. I imagine MIT will kick me off their network soon so make a note: alice dot robison at asu dot edu. I tend to cringe when I have to use my last name in my email address because I worry that lots of emails will get returned when people spell my name wrong. Turns out that’s a good thing– it forces folks to get it right! Very exciting.

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