Wondering what this is?

It’s where the magic happens. A few months ago, a friend of mine who works at the MIT Media Lab showed me the live feed for their Foodcam.

Foodcam was set up to help folks in the Lab find out what leftover food is in the kitchen without having to actually go there. The Lab is a big building and there’s only one main kitchen that I know of (though I wouldn’t be surprised if there were stealth hidden kitchens hidden throughout the building). Because the Media Lab is funded by corporate sponsors, there are a lot of meetings with said sponsors, and those meetings are usually catered.

Word is that until Foodcam was set up there was a lot of food going to waste, rotting in the Media Lab’s kitchen fridge. Plus, the food is usually in large foil catering dishes or unmarked boxes. So those grubby Labbers would always open stuff up and close it and generally get kinda gross with it. Now that Foodcam is there, it’s easier to see what’s for lunch. Less food goes to waste, and everyone’s happy and well-fed.

One of the cool things about Foodcam is that whenever someone leaves food on the counter and hits the wall-mounted Dinner Bell, an email is sent to everyone in the Lab, letting them know that food is there. Folks can then check the Foodcam feed and see what’s for lunch. There’s even a Twitter feed now, which is extra cool. Even though I don’t work at the lab, I follow the Media Lab Foodcam on Twitter. No reason for it except that I like to see what people are eating at the Lab. Weird and creepy, I know. But I’m like that sometimes.

In other news… for those of you in my Facebook and Flickr networks, you already know the good news: I found a place to live in Phoenix! I’ll be renting a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in the south Arcadia neighborhood (I plan to head out during the week of August 11th). The house is owned by an economics professor who’s taking a 2-year sabbatical. Photos here. I’m hoping to get lots of visitors, especially in the colder months. I can pretty much guarantee that no matter when you visit it will be warm and sunny. Plenty of vitamin D for everyone.

3 responses to “Foodcam

  1. That’s brilliant. I want a foodcam and dinner bell for our SOE kitchen too. They should sell that thing en masse. Also congrats on scoring the 2-year sabbatical rental. That’s rare. Means you won’t have to be looking for another house your first year on the job. It’s 90 here right now, and I envy your pool.

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