ROFLcon RickRoll

Among the many wonderful things that happened this weekend at ROFLcon was an official RickRoll of Drew Harry‘s tool which ran all day Saturday in the main room of the conference at MIT.The tool is one of the seemingly endless ways that conference-goers commented on the content of the panels and events. There were Twitter #hashtags, USTREAM video board posts on the live stream, and numerous IRC chats open. It was tough keeping track of all that whilst IMing friends in the audience.

Lots of press on!
Screenshot courtesy of ubershibs on Flickr.

One response to “ROFLcon RickRoll

  1. This is pretty hilarious, but it’s just not quite the same without the hideous, high-waisted, acid-wash, baggy 80s jeans in the video. Hard to do that on the backchannel. 🙂

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