Two Great Teams that Work Great Together

For about a year, The GoodPlay Project and Project New Media Literacies have been working together on a plan to develop curriculum around some major ethical challenges identified as important to understanding how kids learn and think about their roles in digital culture. A month ago we presented this work at the American Educational Research Association conference in New York. We have continued to work together and much of the credit goes to the students and staff on both projects, who have put many hours into generating smart tools for thinking about privacy, authorship, ownership, ethics, etc. This week the teams are featured on the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Spotlight Blog just as we began working on the next steps in our collaboration. The inside scoop from me is that we plan to propose a panel at next year’s AERA conference, where we hope to roll out the full curriculum plans we’ve been working on together. Keep your fingers crossed for us that the proposal is accepted! In the meantime, head over to the Digital Spotlight Blog to read more about the collaboration.

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