I Upgraded my Job

It’s done! I’m glad to announce to the 3 people who read this space that I’ve accepted an invitation to join the faculty of the English department at Arizona State University. I’ll head out there sometime this summer and start teaching in the fall.

It was a difficult decision, but ASU is an energetic place to be. I went there a few weeks ago with few expectations. I knew very little about the campus or the faculty. The job was advertised as an “advanced assistant or associate” position so I almost didn’t even apply! But I took the advice of my mentor Jim Gee, who told me “apply for them all.” I loved visiting ASU. It doesn’t hurt that I got to wear sandals in February, but mostly I loved the busy-ness of the place. MIT is that way, too, and though I often have trouble saying no to things around here, it’s certainly a stimulating environment. I’m confident that being at ASU will be equally so.

Some of you already know that my good friends Jim Gee and Betty Hayes are already there at ASU. They joined the faculty of the School of Education just this year, after having spent ten years or so at UW-Madison. I’ve worked with both of them on our games research since 2003 and we’ve presented it all over the world. It’s an absolute total fluke that the English department at ASU would be hiring someone with my expertise (new media) and truth be told, most of the faculty in English don’t know of my previous work with Jim and Betty at Wisconsin. So how nice it felt that I got the job there on my own merit. <big, huge grin>

I broke the news to my pug dog Annie that we’re moving to Arizona. She seemed to take it well. After all, we’ve lived in Chicago, Lawrence (Kansas), Madison, and now Cambridge together. Might as well keep the journey going, eh? Of course she’ll have to get used to riding on planes with me. I don’t plan on spending the summer months in Arizona! I figure I’ll spend a bit of time in Madison and then most of July in New Hampshire with my best friend and her family. Doing so will make that heat seem a bit more tolerable.

So for me, this is Very Big News. I don’t have kids and I haven’t been married. My big events are usually job-related. So thanks to all my good friends, family, roommates, and students who’ve been so supportive this year while I got it all sorted out. I promise I’ll now be in a much more pleasant mood.

2 responses to “I Upgraded my Job

  1. Congratulations on the “upgrade” 🙂

    I like the idea of wearing sandals in February. Here, on stormy days like today, it’s often waterproofs and wellington boots. Plus thin/light people have to carry something heavy to stop being blown into the sea by a gust.

    Sunburn isn’t an issue.

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