New Journal: IJLM

The other night here in Cambridge, the MacArthur Foundation and MIT Press announced the launch of a new academic journal called the International Journal of Learning and Media. This is an extension of the Foundation’s Digital Learning initiative that was launched last year. I was at Wisconsin-Madison when we were proposing a grant there and came here to MIT when I graduated to work on Project New Media Literacies, which was funded at the same time. I am now also working on the Game School project, which is also funded by MacArthur.

The chief editors of the new journal are David Buckingham (University of London), Tara McPherson (USC), and Katie Salen (Parsons). The list of editors is long; I’m sure that the pieces given the green light will be terrific. This is truly a wonderful collaboration among some of the best thinkers in the area. There are many of us out there drinking this Kool-Aid, so to speak, and it’s nice to know that there will be an outlet for our work. Until now, we’ve all been a bit scattered, I think. I’m excited to have a journal representing these ideas about learning, literacy, new media, play, games, culture, etc.

The journal launch is in tandem with a series of volumes on these topics published by MIT Press as well. Details on the entire series is on the MIT Press homepage at the moment. For the time being, the information is also here.

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