i can haz ROFLcon?

If you haven’t yet heard, a group of folks here in Boston (and a few outside of Boston) are putting together one of the very best ideas I’ve come across in a long time: a conference dedicated to Internet memes and the people behind them.

ROFLcon (“rolling on the floor laughing” conference) is set to take place in the spring of 2008. The plan is to assemble almost everyone associated with a popular meme, from the guy who traded a red paperclip for a house to the Real Ultimate Power ninja guys to the folks who maintain the icanhascheezburger blog. All in one place, all at one time, the masters of fun things on the internet will come together to talk about, I dunno, being famous?

Tim Hwang, an undergrad at Harvard College, is the main instigator of this brilliant event, alongside one of our own Comparative Media Studies graduate students, Kevin Driscoll. Knowing those two crazy kids, it’s a good thing that Christina Xu and the rest of the team are helping out. From what I understand, they’re all hard at work assembling a fantastic lineup of speakers and visitors, but they could really use help in the form of volunteers. Oh, and they really need cash money. So if you have some, or you know someone who has some, you might want to get in touch.

Here’s a short list of folks they’re either planning to invite or have committed to the conference:

Homestar Runner

Bert is Evil guys

Dinosaur Comics

Creators of the LOLcat bible


If you haven’t heard of some of these people/sites/memes, no worries. Many of them are a bit out of my league as well, and many of them I only know about because my students and friends send them to me all the time. I have fun friends and students.

For a wishlist of folks the ROFLcon folks are hoping to get, visit and click on “Guest List Status.” Maybe you can help out. I hope so. This is going to be super cool.

Speaking of super cool conferences, this weekend we’re hosting the second annual Futures of Entertainment conference. There are too many great folks on the program for me to list here, but if you’re curious, check it out. Registration is now closed but we’ll be posting everything on the Internets before too long. Grats to Joshua Green, Sam Ford, and the Convergence Culture Consortium for putting it all together.

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