See, Mom? This is kinda a good example of what I do.

henry’s mug in the chronicleThe Chronicle of Higher Education (that tome!) has just released an article about our friend Henry Jenkins and his kingdom here at MIT. Personally, I’m thrilled that the article is finally done because it was taking Henry away from all of us! Don’t these reporters know that he belongs to us? You can’t have him, dammit!

I’ve gotta say that the piece is surprisingly accurate. I hypothesized with Henry that the Chronicle knows it has to employ smart writers and let them take a lot of time to research the piece thoroughly. If they don’t, they’ll likely hear about it from those of us perched in our ivory towerz with our critical skillz.

Interestingly enough, I would also be willing to guess that many of us around here will point to this article in the future as a reference to those wondering just what the hell it is we do all day. CMS is exploding in size these days. It’s nice to have this tight summary of how we all link to one another.

Oh, and we will all treasure the fact that the Chronicle published an interactive video of Henry mudwrestling his wife Cynthia. Nice work.

2 responses to “See, Mom? This is kinda a good example of what I do.

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