Back to School

me and josh green at ICA Boston

My favorite time of the year! I’m in denial that summer is over, though. And yes, I have a thousand things to do and every time I answer an email another one comes in. And no, I haven’t finished writing my syllabus yet. And yes, this is what I do every Labor Day weekend, every year. But last night I got to have some fun with folks from the Comparative Media Studies program here at MIT. We went to the Institute of? for? Contemporary Art here in Boston as part of the orientation schedule for new graduate students. I’d never been and realized I’d probably not go again anytime soon. So I went, and after about 20 minutes inside I realized I’d much rather be outside on the back deck, having a glass of wine and watching the boats in the harbor while the sun goes down. So I did that instead. Before long, everyone came out and joined me. I’m such a trendsetter, eh? Our new student Talieh took a snapshot of me with my friend Josh Green.

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