Where are all the Women in Games in Boston?

I’m currently working on my syllabus for a course I teach here at MIT called “Videogame Theory and Analysis.” Now that I’ve been in Boston for a year, I can afford to make a few changes from last year’s version. This time around, I’m planning to offer weekly guest lectures from designers and developers in the Boston area. Most of them are folks I know personally, and a couple are folks I know through other folks, but all in all, I hope to have 10 guest lectures on Monday nights throughout the semester.

One thing is frustrating the hell out of me: where are all the women? Where are the people of color? Where is there any diversity?

It occurred to me as I was making up a list of all the friends I want to tap for these guest lectures that the list is made up ENTIRELY of white men. Some of my younger students might ask why that’s a problem. It’s a problem on many levels but most of all I would like to use this as an opportunity to show students how developers and designers think about what they do. That thinking is influenced by who they are and their ways of being in the world. Even as a woman academic in a technological area, I feel like an outsider to the heavily-male community around me. It would be nice for my students to hear from women in the industry and hear how they deal with it.

So, if you’re a woman in Boston and in the games industry and happen to have read this, could you get in touch? I’d love for you to come speak to my students this fall!

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