Walter Dean Squire arrives!

baby walter and papa kurt

Constance went into labor Saturday morning, and after a long, long wait, delivered Walter Dean Squire this afternoon! They’re exhausted but happy, and as far as I know, doing great. What a lucky trio! I am a proud Auntie Ali, HATING that I’m not there to smother him in kisses. No worries, however, as I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m sending him obnoxious outfits to wear and searching for Boston-to-Madison airfare deals. I still can’t believe he’s here! Yay!

Walter is 8lbs., 4oz., 21″ and was born at 2:51pm in Madison, Wisconsin. w00t! I’ll leave it to others to fill in the character stats. Plus 100 for charisma for sure. Grats guys!

One response to “Walter Dean Squire arrives!

  1. Auntie Alice 🙂

    That’s the bestest news of the summer. Congratulations and the like all-round.

    Hoping Nintendo will bring out a lighter version of the Wii controller, then Kurt can get him started on various games 🙂

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