Random Weekly Update

at work editing footage with anna van someren

I did another podcast! So much fun. This time in video form, so you get to see my awkward smile and super-cool 4ad poster in the background (with a Robert Mapplethorpe photo on it). Visit Kevin Honeycutt’s site for the stream if you’re interested.

This week we’ve been working hard to get ready for the National Media Education Conference which takes place in St. Louis. Henry is giving a keynote Monday morning; other speakers include Renee Hobbs, Douglas Rushkoff, and Robin Blake. This is a great opportunity for us to learn more about the media literacy community and local projects across the country, which will help us make our materials more useful to educators and students. We’ll screen a bunch of these materials Monday night, and since Henry’s keynote on Wikipedia is that morning, I’m hoping we get a strong audience in the room. We have a lot to learn from this community so it would be great to see as many of them as we can.

Thursday I’ll head over to my sister’s company, XPlane, to lead a workshop on some of the stuff we’re working on here. Here’s a short description of that:

“Susie Robison’s sister Alice Robison (http://alicerobison.org), a media and literacy researcher at MIT, will be here to lead a lively discussion about what Professor Henry Jenkins ( http://henryjenkins.org) calls ‘participatory culture.’ MIT’s New Media Literacies Project (http://projectnml.org) is designed to help educators and students implement media production and participation “literacies” in classrooms and learning environments, especially with regard to media activities like video blogging, remix culture, wikis, animation, game design, graffiti art, etc. Alice will show a reel of some of their work and lead a discussion on some of the theoretical principles behind it.”

It’s always fun to do stuff with your family, and my sister’s work as an information designer is particularly cool. Tomorrow I get to meet with her boss, Dave Gray, who has some amazing thoughts on a lot of the same stuff we’re working on here at MIT.

Oh, and I’m starting a fun new random photography project, taking snapshots of cars whose models are names that are three syllables, ending in vowels. I’ll be posting them on Flickr soon but if you’ve got them to send along, find me on Flickr (alist) and point me to yours.

Off to St. Louis!

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