Gotta Love Illinois

According to an article in ArsTechnica, the state of Illinois spent $1M in taxpayer dollars to defend an unconstitutional law designed to regulate the sale of videogames.

We read articles like this all the time, but this one is particularly interesting because of the apparent damage that Governor Blagojevich has caused to other agencies. According to Ars Technica, who quotes an Illinois publication called Quad Cities Online, the governor ‘raided funds throughout the state government’ to pay the legal costs of defending what was deemed an unconstitutional law. Apparently, the public health, welfare, and economic development departments were all beholden to the law and were forced to offer up funds to cover the costs of defending it against the Entertainment Software Association.

As my student pointed out to me, it’s almost laughable that the Illinois judges, when striking down the law, cited God of War as an example of a game that complicates the state’s ratings criteria. Though the game is violent and sexual, they said, it also involves themes and content found in Homeric epics. Way to go, Illinois judges! Let’s just hope the U.S. Attorney Generals don’t find out about you. Better yet, let’s hope Hillary Clinton doesn’t.

One response to “Gotta Love Illinois

  1. Similarly, I always wonder if those who decry the sexual content of modern books and call for reading the ‘classics’ have actually read Chaucer. He is the king of medieval vulgarity.

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