Public Displays of Flautism

As spring brings us all outside to play among the flowers and trees, we are now in the season of public music-playing. Violinists, guitarists, and steel drums seem to be everywhere, calling us and our spare change.

For the most part, I enjoy a good street musician. Of course none top those who play in the Paris Metro, but here in Cambridge we have some good artists around. But if there’s one instrument I can’t stand to hear played out in the open on the streets, it’s the flute. Indeed, public displays of flautism are everywhere, annoying us with their delightful little chirps and happy little ditties. Pan flutes, regular flutes and piccolos can be found every half mile, merrily accompanying our daily lives.

I’ve never enjoyed public flute-playing, and now I have even more reason to stay away. See video below and please, will someone tell Tony Snow that there are no flutes in blues music?

In other news, Henry just lent me his graduation regalia for MIT’s ceremony on June 8th. He’ll be out of town so I will be escorting several of our grad students at the event. Because Henry and I both got our PhDs at Wisconsin, the regalia is the same! So I can borrow his cap, gown and hood (which is red for Wisconsin). I look pretty hilarious in his cap though because it’s too big. Read into that what you want. (Just kidding, Henry! Haha…)

3 responses to “Public Displays of Flautism

  1. I’ve played flute for more than 9 years.. there’s no way to make any good blues/jazz or easy listening solo unless you’re REAL good. But if you’re so good why would you play “open on the street”?!

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