gettin’ hacked by quechup

quechup, a previously-unknown-to-me socialy networking site (sigh, yet another!) managed to spam my entire email address book today. THRILLING. so now, folks i hadn’t spoken to in a long time, folks who don’t know me or remember me, folks who once interviewed me for jobs–they all got this random email from me inviting them to join this site.

*le sigh*

but the good news is that i’m in santa monica for a digital kids meeting, so i can’t complain. plus this morning i managed to pull off a masterful seat change, enabling me to sit in a window/exit row seat near the front instead of the crampled middle seat in the back. when your flight is nearly 6 hours and you’re going on 4 hours’ sleep, these things matter.

other things that make me happy today, a new cat posting from icanhascheezburger makes me wish i had a furball of my own.

i can’t sign off without giving my friend matt boch a shout-out for his birthday today! happy happy, m@!

more from cali soon…

5 responses to “gettin’ hacked by quechup

  1. So that’s what it was all about. I receive two emails but I hadn’t checked out the site yet. I take it this means that you aren’t really on it.

  2. Yeah, Quechup skips the step where you might _choose_ who you would like to invite. Very, very nasty practice. I spent much time the other day sending apology/warning emails to my friends, family, and professional contacts. Sheesh.

  3. What about the dollar coins that are in ctliuracion now. Are there any that are valuable? You say its a no no to clean your coins. What if you clean them in a non abrasive way like using vinegar and salt or katsup as it is suggested.

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