clever spring metaphors

I was going to write something clever like “spring has sprung!” here but then I realized that was dumb.

Instead I’ll say how happy I am to be enjoying what is pretty much the fourth day in a row of pleasant tempuratures and lots of sunshine. It’s a little astounding how much that affects the moods of everyone around me, though I suspect there is a lot of scientific research to support that hypothesis. Well, not so much a hypothesis as an observation.

In other mundane news, my mom sent me a fantastic new coffee pot for my office. Josh and I have had a little trouble getting accustomed to it, however, because it has no carafe and brews from the top. Since we don’t have a proper pitcher to transport water from the kitchen down the hall, we use a plastic oblong bowl. The bowl is difficult to carry and manipulate so pouring the water into the top of the coffee pot is more than a little challenging. And as if that isn’t enough to struggle with, Josh managed to pour the water in straight over the grounds rather than in the reservoir to where it was destined (more on that clause in another future post). So we had to empty all the water out again and start fresh. This coffee had better be good.

Today’s one of those “up at 5am to finish all the crap I didn’t get done this weekend” days. 10am meeting with Henry, 11am class, 1pm grant project meeting, 2pm thesis defense, 4pm thesis defense, then harvard games event that lasts til about 10. Tomorrow is another one of those days but at least at the end of it I get to go see a band, which will be fun. I never get to go out and pursue one of my favorite hobbies (live music) so I’m glad to get the chance tomorrow.

Wednesday morning I’m off to sunny California for a meeting of MacArthur Foundation grantees! Another busy week for Alist. I’m excited for the trip, though, because it means I get to start playing “Cooking Mama” on my DS.

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