Obama and Creative Commons

I think I found a reason why I can truly get behind Obama’s campaign: http://www.lessig.org/blog/archives/003763.shtml

Lessig applauds Obama’s support of Creative Commons licensing for writing a letter to Howard Dean, chairman of the DNC. Wrote Obama:

“I am writing in strong support of a letter from a bipartisan coalition of academics, bloggers and Internet activists recently addressed to you and the Democratic National Committee. The letter asks that the video from any Democratic Presidential debate be available freely after the debate, by either placing the video in the public domain, or licensing it under a Creative Commons (Attribution) license…”

The fact that Obama is even aware of the debates around IP and copyright is reason enough for me to support his candidacy. The fact that I’d have to choose between him and Clinton’s outright ignorance of the issue is ridiculous enough, considering neither candidate is grabbing my attention at the moment. But Obama’s move has got my attention. I’ll wait and see how things unfold, however.

One response to “Obama and Creative Commons

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