AERA 2007 Slides

Some very kind folks have been asking for my slides from my talk at the American Educational Research Association conference which took place last week in Chicago. I spoke for a few minutes on the influence of the New Literacy Studies on our concept of “New Media Literacies,” a term coined to explain the initiative we’re working as part of the MacArthur Foundation’s support for digital learning. I began with some discussion of Justin Hall’s Passively Multiplayer Online Game and Jane McGonigal’s I Love Bees and the upcoming World Without Oil. See my SlideShare page for more.

3 responses to “AERA 2007 Slides

  1. //ஒர ப ண ண ச ல ல ச ச சரத க ம ர ‘ன ன .. எனக க பயங கர ஷ க க .. எப பட ங க இத ..? அட த த அந தப ப ண ண க ட ட சரத க ம ர ஏன ப ட க க த ‘ன ன க ட ட அவர நல ல பண ண வ ர ‘ன ன ச ச .. சரத நல ல ப பண ண வ ர ம . எனக க த த ங க ம ட யல.//athaane atha saraththoda mannaul manaiviyo, radhigaavothaane solla mudiyum eppadi intha ponnu solluchchi. Something somewhere wrong.

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